BS and MS Scholarships in Netherlands in 2024

BS and MS Scholarships in Netherlands in 2024

The Netherlands is an EU member country located in Europe and is a major part of the European Union. We would love to provide you with data about the list of BS & MS scholarships in the Netherlands 2024. A lot of scholarships for international students in the Netherlands are waiting to be awarded. Among Others, the Netherlands has Scholarship Programs provided by its government and University-specific Grants.  

Currently, 122,287 international students are studying in the Netherlands on scholarships. If you are eager to study in the Netherlands free of cost, this blog post will be beneficial for you. Read more to find out about the BS and MS scholarship programs offered in the Netherlands in 2024.

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List of BS and MS Scholarships in Netherlands 2024

NL Scholarship

NL scholarship is offered by Dutch authorities. This Ethnographic Film Scholarship is therefore Funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Covers a range of costs borne by non-EEA students completing bachelor’s and master’s levels of study at contributions. The scholarship program has 37 institutions, thus the widens of the scope. You may come and choose from the universities that I will like. The application process is all done through the university that you are applying to.

University of Twente Solidarity (UTS)

UTS has 50 doctoral program scholarship applications for the master’s degree program. Scholarships for students of high academic performance and broad backgrounds worldwide are offered by different scholarships.

Deadline: 1st May 2024

Maastricht Holland University Scholarships “High Potentials

For the Holland High Potential Scholarship at the Maastricht University, secret funding is provided to pursue studies in the Netherlands. For every year of their existence, they give away 24 full scholarships of their own to international students.

The scholarship covers accommodation, comp insurance, visa applications, and tuition, and the inclusion of the pre-academic training course as well.

Thanks to more than 450 study programs, which the University of Maastricht offers to its numerous international students, the University of Maastricht comes in 2nd when it comes to the high enrollment of international students.

Degree Level: Master’s degree: scholarship is a golden opportunity in which an application is offered for a candidate, hoping to further an education above and beyond one’s bachelor’s degree.

Deadline: 1st May 2024

Industry Global: Leiden University Executive Traineeship (LexS)

It is the most popular university in the Netherlands among all the Dutch universities. Leiden University newly has a Tuition Fee scholarship for graduate degree students. There are three available levels of awards: There are three available levels of awards:

[Starting from the €10,000 tuition fee, the next tuition one will be €15000, the total tuition fee discounted from]the statutory tuition fee

Degree Level: Scholarship in a Master’s program

Deadline: 1Priority system is for programs starting 1 Sept / 1 Oct for programs starting 1 Feb

Radboud University Scholarships

Free Tuition for an Eligible and Complete English-taught MSc program is the Radboud University scholarship. The management wants to offer a partial of the fees for tuition, visa payment, residency permit, and health insurance.

Scholarships from the European Inter-University Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree

Introduces visitors to China’s rich cultural heritage. One of the main attractions of the European Commission’s fully funded Erasmus is that it’s accessible to all students. It creates master’s and doctoral-level programs. The seemingly infinite challenges posed by our planet’s complex ecosystems may be daunting, but they also leave us with endless possibilities for further exploration and understanding. You can have three credentials of the degree in three universities in Europe, you have a choice. Let’s learn there many programs of degrees in Netherlands Universities.

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Part-time job availabilities in the Netherlands

International students are employed legally up to 16 hours per week through the simplified permit procedure. Nevertheless, make sure if you spend more than 16 hours per week it is compulsory to obtain a work permit. Popular part-time job options include:

Hospitality: From restaurant, café, hotel, and bar workers to security guards, there is always a demand for labor.
Retail: Most often retail stores fire part-timers enjoying sales, cash-register operation, as well as shelf stocking

Tutoring and language teaching: If you are proficient in English or another language, you have a perspective of helping students with their homework or teaching a language course

Data entry and administrative work: Businesses frequently request services including data entry, filing, and other such clerical duties.

Babysitting and childcare: Choosing a career or volunteer work such as babysitting or childcare for families may be the right option for you if you like working with kids.

Housekeeping and cleaning: If you are a competent clean-up expert, you can also register as a housekeeper to an individual or an institution.

Resources That Can Help You Find Scholarships in the Netherlands

Apply for a scholarship through this website: Here you may discover study programmes and non-EU student Scholarships, as well as funding ideas for your studies.

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