Luxembourg Work Visa Process 2024 (Types, Benefits & Procedure)

Luxemburg is situated in the center of Europe, has a lively economy, a great amount of cultural heritage, and a high quality of life, so workers who are looking for jobs can find it there very attractive. Covering the European Union as part of it, Luxembourg benefits from a colorful workforce and a developing economy, especially in sectors like finance, technology, and logistics. This complete guide is intended to clarify the visa application process to allow you to pursue your career goals in Luxembourg, the buzzing European hub.

Luxembourg Work Visa Process 2024 (Types, Benefits & Procedure)

Obtaining a Luxembourg Work Visa

The visa is an integral part of the process for non-EU/EEA citizens or Swiss nationals who want to work in Luxembourg. The Luxembourg Work Visa, commonly known as the Type D Visa (see Type D Visa in Wikipedia), is an immigration document destined for non-EU/EU nationals who seek jobs in the state. This visa allows its holder to live and work permanently in Luxembourg, thus providing an opportunity for the use of their knowledge and experience locally.

Having an understanding of Luxembourg Work Visa procedures can be confusing, due to the multiple requirements and processes involved. Nevertheless, with careful planning and assistance, applicants can make the application process more organized and smoother and thus, get a chance to gain permission to work in this energetic European country.

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Procedure for Luxembourg Work Visa

The procedure for obtaining a work visa in Luxembourg covers several steps and stipulations. 

Find Employment: Before you apply for a work visa, you must receive a job offer from an employer based in Luxemburg. They might be required to justify it was impossible to find a suitable candidate inside the EU or EEA to give you the offer.

Processing Time: These situations include the volume of applications that are submitted and the particular situation surrounding your case.

Decision: After your application has been submitted, you will be informed about the decision made after you do so. Once your visa is granted, you’ll get your visa sticker or a residence permit which permits you to work and live in Luxembourg

Prepare for Interview: Preparing for the interview is a necessary step, so make sure to get all the information to pass the interview. 


Gaining employment while on a Luxembourg work visa can bring immense benefits both professionally and personally. 

  • The country’s high standard of living shows in that the employees are paid well for their services.
  • Working in Luxembourg offers an opportunity for career progression and career growth.
  • Working in such a multicultural place can bring many cultural changes for you, develop your communication skills, and open new global networking possibilities.
  • The country has a first-class healthcare system, a well-working public transport, a low crime rate, and a range of good educational opportunities that put Luxembourg among the top countries for living standards. 
  • Moreover, the charming scenery, the historical sites, and the cultural life make the city an enticing place to dwell and do work.
  • VAT and top income tax rates are low which makes Luxembourg suitable for expatriates. There are some tax incentives and exemptions available for foreigners. The country’s tax system is designed in such a way that it entices skilled professionals, hence their financial rewards are to a great extent received through work and residence there.

Types of Luxembourg Work Visa

Long-Term Visa (Visa de Long Séjour): Visa is compulsory for persons who would like to earn their living and stay in Luxembourg for more than 90 days. The privilege is frequently authorized to employees who receive a confirmed job offer from a Luxembourg employer or those seeking independent work there.

Highly Qualified Worker Visa: This visa is intended to attract highly skilled workers, i.e. scientists, researchers, engineers, and managers, with job offers in Luxembourg. Requirements that applicants have to fulfill and salary thresholds usually set specify the eligibility.

Intra-Company Transfer Visa: Employers of multinational companies, who are transferred to Luxembourg, can apply as employees for this visa. 

Self-Employed Worker Visa: They should prove their capability of independently generating income and serving the economy of the country.

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How to Apply for a Luxembourg Work Visa?

Luxembourg is one of the moved loved destinations for workers looking to find a job abroad. If you are interested in enjoying all the benefits of working in Luxembourg, it is best to find the best offer.

Click below the link to go for Luxembourg National Employment Agency (ADEM).

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