10 International Scholarships in Germany 2024 (Study in Germany)

10 International Scholarships in Germany 2024 (Study in Germany)

Lots of people attending German universities are not German since foreigners choose this country as their destination and it is worthwhile to study here.

In Germany, there are nice scenery and a good quality of education. Students will surely be able to seize excellent professional prospects that come their way.

Germany is a country for which it has scholarships for international students, where they get an experience of the enormously rich European culture while studying in Europe. Ready? We have got something right here for German university enrollees: these are the best scholarships.

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List of Top 10 International Scholarships in Germany

Here is a list of the top 10 International Scholarships in Germany:

1. DAAD Scholarships

  • Awards scholarships for the levels of undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies.
  • The schools here welcome students from developing countries suiting their needs.
  • The scholarship buys the whole or part of the research fees depending on the line of study a person wants to pursue.

2. Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship

  • Scholarships awarded averaging 1,000 students per year.
  • Gradually becoming universal with no subject or ethnic background defined as students come from all over the world.
  • Applicant at upper level such as undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral.

3. KAAD Germany Research Fellowship Program

  • Materials geared towards Catholic Christians from developing country nations, including graduates and teachers.
  • Panders to the expenses such as a round-trip flight, visa application services, and tuition payment.
  • Animal Right: The right of animals should be given a possible thought of being equal to humans.

4. Goethe Goes Global (GGG) Masters Scholarships

  • The organization whose main sponsor is the Johanna-Quandt-Foundation in Frankfurt.
  • A multicultural platform that gathers German and international students.
  • Promotes academic career outcomes including research projects. Listen to the given audio and select the best option that expresses its’ main ideas.

5. EMMIR African-European Scholarship in Migration

  •  Including European-Africans collaboration for a master’s degree in migration (Erasmus Minds for European-African Masters in Migration).
  • All the expenses covered are fees for the training sessions, refund for utilities, and traveling.
  • Open from October/November.

6. University of Stuttgart Scholarship

Scholarships for all the master’s degrees are provided in full.

  • The programs place more emphasis on “Infrastructure Planning” and “Integrated Urban Planning and Sustainable Design” rather than highlighting other related topics such as “Renewable Energy Technologies”.
  • Includes stipend, roundtrip transportation allowance, research attendance scholarship, and housing allowance, health insurance.

7. Jacobs University Diversity Scholarship

  • Covers sending to the same category three-year bachelor’s and two-year master’s degrees.
  • They may include a stipend allotted for accommodation, meals, and regular fees.

8. Katholische Universitat Eichstätt-Ingolstadt Scholarships

  • Leads to the internationalization of the education sector.
  • The support for monthly accommodation amounts to € 324.

9. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Scholarships

  • Offer scholarships to gifted students who will pursue their undergraduate degrees
  • Takes up full tuition fees of yearned study places in Hamburg city institutions.
  • Tops up at €400 per month.

10. DeGis Scholarship

The DGi (German International Student Association) is a community that offers international students scholarships so they can study in Germany. This program was founded to provide leadership skills to students and an opportunity to experience Germany during their studies. In this initiative, ten award-winning plaques are distributed to foreign students from around the world every year. A few benefits of applying for this program include: A few benefits of applying for this program include:

  • A 6-month- 200 euros grant period will be first of all.
  • Mentorship programs that helped to enhance interpersonal and professional abilities were a form of personal development.
  • The privilege of DeGis membership in a lifetime plays an important role in Snaring job positions like city ambassador programs.
  • Scholars meetup is a Friday – Sunday weekend in Berlin.


Scholarships in Germany, for international students in 2024, have a lot to offer students, desiring only a more decorated academic life.

  •  First, selection as a German student is one sure way to access the internationally acclaimed world-class academic standards of learning.
  • Students seeking to settle in Germany most often receive financial assistance in the form of tuition fee coverage, living expenses, and even relocation expenses, making the cost of studying in Germany affordable for international students.
  • Furthermore, being captured in a brand-new culture and inspired by a different language can result in cross-cultural awareness and mental development.
  • Moreover, studying in Germany can be a point of engagement with other students, taking part in internships, and possibly a job in the global market as well.

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