Scholarships in Kuwait Without IELTS 2024: Study in Kuwait

Scholarships in Kuwait Without IELTS 2024: Study in Kuwait

Want to skip the IELTS exam if you want to enter an academic environment in Kuwait? Well, here is an opportunity for the Kuwait Scholarships without IELTS 12024. Awarded by the Kuwaiti Government these 100% funded scholarships cover bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. level degree courses in several chosen subjects. If you want to have the right information regarding the fully funded scholarships here are the details:

Details of Scholarships in Kuwait

  • University: Kuwaiti Universities
  • Degree Level: Bachelors, Masters, PhD
  • Scholarship Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligible Nationality: All Nationalities
  • Award Country: Kuwait

Why Choose Kuwait for Studies?

Likewise, the Education for All Development Index ranks Kuwait, an emirate in Western Asia as the 51st out of the 125 countries’ scale, and it enjoys relative success because of its robust educational efficiency. Kuwait has a reputation as an attractive destination for many foreign students which also means the country offers a dynamic intellectual environment. Besides the attributes of the currency, the dollar is the best in the world, which is a good additional advantage.

How to Study in Kuwait Without IELTS 2024

Currently, there are many scholarship schemes offered in Kuwait. Kuwait accepts many foreign students every year; therefore, it has been the spot for some international students where they choose to pursue their studies. Students can pursue their education in world-class universities in this country such as Kuwait University which is renowned for its academic quality that is recognized on a global platform. Regarding education, Kuwait trails at position 36 out of 132 countries described under the Education for All Development Index (EDI), which shows that the country is willing to invest in quality education.

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List of Scholarships offered in Kuwait

Here is a list of scholarships below:

Kuwait Government Scholarships:

The applicants must work hard and ensure all essays are submitted before the deadline. During the coursework level, the assignment deadline depends on the employing organization’s level of work or department. As such, essays should be submitted at most at the end of the discussion or lessons. The scholarship is awarded to undergraduate master’s and Ph.D. programs. The best thing is that it is fully funded having the provision of a monthly stipend, Tuition fee travel tickets, etc.

Wells Mountain Initiative Scholarship 2024

WMI is the scholarship offered by the Wells Mountain Initiative Scholarship Program. They plan to award scholarships to the brightest students. These students can join from any part of the world. However, the passion for getting these scholarships is more in developing countries. You can study for a bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. at institutions. The deadline to submit applications for this scholarship is 1st March 2024. Scholarships give scholarship winners up to $3,000.

Berrows International Scholarship Programs

Berrows International Scholarship Program offers various forms of financial support across various study levels and for deserving students. In addition, there are various scholarship opportunities in Kuwait without using IELTS.

Requirements for Kuwait’s Scholarship without ILETS

Some necessary documents are required to apply for a fully funded scholarship without IELTS.

Personal Statement: You have to write a motivational letter that is linked to your purpose of having this scholarship.

Research proposal: There must be a research proposal for getting this scholarship and living in Kuwait.

Acceptance letter: An acceptance letter can be presented to the authorities.

CV/Resume: You can create a CV letting the authorities know about the skills, experience, and marks you achieved in your educational career.

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Benefits of studying in Kuwait

Diverse Academic Programs: Several various academic programs and disciplines can be implemented in Kuwait, that would satisfy various individuals’ interests and advanced willingness. Suppose you want to specialize in business engineering or arts or medicine. In that case, several prestigious universities are on the list ready to offer you a comprehensive program with a range of elective courses.

High-Quality Education: Kuwait’s education level is commendable as it is one of the progressive countries that aim to offer quality education to the masses. Higher institutions of learning, which include tertiary institutions and colleges in the country’s various states, maintain high academic standards, and capable hands are found in almost all institutions.

Cultural Immersion: Enrolling in Kuwaiti schooling offers a great chance to explore the roots of a culture that simultaneously reflects the past and the present. You will also get the opportunity to experience the richness of the Kuwaiti culture, following a historical tour to Kuwait with the likes of Kuwait Towers and Al Hamra Tower to get traditional Kuwaiti food and enjoy Kuwait culture. 

Socializing with students: Furthermore, socializing with students from the area and participating in regional activities can enhance your cultural awareness and provide you with a better international outlook.


Students can find the best scholarships and get a chance to live and study in Kuwait. They can find ways to cover the tuition fees for heavy costs, accommodation, and a monthly allowance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.