UMS International Priority Scholarship Indonesia 2024

UMS International Priority Scholarship Indonesia 2024

The UMS International Priority Scholarship 2024 in Indonesia stands as a beacon of educational opportunity, offering a completely supported pathway for talented people looking to pursue higher education. This prestigious Scholarship, organized by the University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS), aims to foster scholastic excellence and worldwide collaboration by supporting extraordinary students from different corners of the world.

The program not only covers educational costs but also expands its support to settlement, living costs, and other academic basics. Emphasizing universal participation, the UMS Universal Priority Scholarship 2024 not only contributes to individual development but also contributes to the broader scene of cross-cultural knowledge trade. As Indonesia proceeds to develop as a center for education and development, this scholarship becomes an essential avenue for students to engage in transformative academic travel while building bridges across different communities.


The UMS Worldwide Priority Scholarship could be a prestigious program outlined to attract exceptional worldwide students to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies at UMS. The scholarship covers educational costs, settlement, and a stipend for living costs, guaranteeing that monetary constraints don’t prevent interest in education.

Eligibility Criteria

Nationality: Open to Indonesian citizens, meeting the residency requirements.

Academic Excellence: Candidates must illustrate outstanding scholarly achievements.

Admission to UMS: Only candidates acknowledged at Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) are eligible.

Degree Level: Accessible for undergrad and postgraduate programs.

Financial Requirement: Consideration is given to those with documented monetary constraints.
Leadership Abilities: Emphasis on candidates showing solid leadership qualities and community involvement.

Language Capability: Adequate capability in English or Indonesian, depending on the program’s language of instruction.

Recommendation Letters: Submission of letters of suggestion from scholastic or professional referees.

Personal Statement: A compelling statement laying out scholarly and career objectives, as well as reasons for applying.

Commitment to Return: A few scholarships may require a commitment to return and contribute to Indonesia post-graduation.

Application Process

Completed applications must contain a personal statement, recommendation letters, academic transcripts, and proof of English language competency.

The competitive selection procedure gives precedence to extracurricular activities, academic performance, and the capacity to positively influence the university community.

Fields of Study

Computer Science and Data Innovation: Covering areas such as artificial intelligence, information science, and cybersecurity.

Environmental Science: Focusing on economic advancement, climate change, and natural conversation

Renewable Energy Engineering: Tending to the worldwide demand for clean and feasible energy solutions.

Public Health: Emphasizing the study of disease transmission, healthcare management, and infection prevention.

Agricultural Science and Technology: Concentrating on cutting-edge farming strategies and agricultural sustainability.

Business and Management: Including areas like universal commerce, business enterprise, and supply chain management.

Marine Biology and Oceanography: Understanding and protecting marine environments is facilitated by marine biology and oceanography

Civil Engineering:

Urban planning, transportation, and maintainable infrastructure are all covered under the umbrella of civil engineering and infrastructure development.

Language and Linguistics: Improving cross-cultural communication and language preservation.
Mathematics: Supporting research in zones like cryptography, optimization, and numerical modeling.

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering: Highlighting advances in medical, agricultural, and mechanical fields.

Social Sciences: Examining humanism, human studies, and brain research to tackle issues facing society.


Full Tuition Coverage: The UMS Universal Priority Scholarship 2024 gives full monetary support for educational costs, guaranteeing researchers can focus on their studies without money-related burdens.

Living Allowance: Recipients get a generous living allowance to cover convenience, suppers, and other daily costs, advancing a comfortable and conducive learning environment.

Travel Costs: The scholarship covers travel costs, encouraging simple access for universal students to pursue their education at UMS and fostering a worldwide learning community.

Research Grants: Researchers have access to research awards, empowering them to engage in impactful research ventures and contribute to the scholastic community.

Language Support: The scholarship may incorporate language support programs to assist universal students in upgrading their language abilities, guaranteeing effective communication and scholastic success.

Professional Development Openings: UMS Universal Priority Researchers have openings for proficient improvement, including workshops, seminars, and organizing occasions, preparing them for future career success.

Cultural Exchange Programs: The scholarship may encourage social trade programs, permitting students to immerse themselves within the Indonesian culture and broaden their worldwide perspective.

Mentorship Programs: Students may profit from these programs, which match them with experienced academics or experts who can advise and support them along their academic journey.

Possibilities for Internships: The scholarship could lead to internships, which would improve students’ job prospects by giving them practical experience in their chosen field of study.

Health Insurance: Comprehensive health insurance scope is frequently included, guaranteeing researchers have access to essential healthcare services during their time at UMS.

Academic Support Services: The scholarship program may provide extra scholastic support services such as tutoring, workshops, and assets to help students excel in their studies.

Community Engagement: UMS Universal Priority Researchers are energized to engage with the local community through different activities, cultivating a sense of social duty and cultural understanding.


The UMS Universal Priority Scholarship 2024 may be a gateway for ambitious people in Indonesia and around the world to access world-class instruction without financial obstructions. By contributing to another era of leaders, UMS proceeds to play a significant part in forming a brighter and more interconnected future.