KNB Indonesian Government Scholarship 2024: Fully Funded

KNB Indonesian Government Scholarship 2024: Fully Funded

Kemitraan Negara Berkembang Scholarship/KNB Scholarship, an Indonesian Governmental scholarship is a grant for prospective students coming from developing countries to pursue their undergraduate (Bachelor), graduate (Master), or doctoral (Doctorate) studies at one of the universities in Indonesia. The proposal for the scholarship came up in the 10th Conference of Heads of the States, of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) on the 1st–6th of September 1992. The Republic of Indonesia’s Government initiated the scholarships to potential students in 1981.

Globalization of KNB Indonesian Government Scholarship

Globalization of the scholarship was effected in 2002 insofar as the scholarship had the world-wide interest. It was then the scholarship was finally deemed as Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KB-) Scholarship and no longer the recipients were bound to NAM member countries. By now, the scholarship has also been awarded to other countries in Asia, the Pacific, South America, Africa, and Eastern Europe, as well as the developing ones. Finally, the fellowship will develop the human relations between Indonesia and the beneficiaries’ countries. It seeks to develop those who will become future leaders.

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KNB Indonesian Government Scholarship Details

With KNB, you will get an opportunity to study in Indonesian top universities as well as experience living in one of the most diverse and fascinating societies all over the world. 

Through the scholarship program, students will enjoy university degrees of the highest quality offered by a total of 31 (thirty-one) higher education institutions.

Through the acquisition of their degrees, the student’s level of intellectuality will increase, they will become better qualified, and new career pathways will emerge, a platform upon which they can build their post-college success. 

The Procedure of KNB Indonesian Government Scholarship 

  • Download the KNB Scholarship Offering Letter from the KNB Scholarship website
  • Submit the Offering Letter, Official Passport, and English Proficiency Test, (Applicant from non-English-Speaking Countries)
  • Recommendation Letter from the Indonesian Embassy
  • Recommendation from Employer/Immediate Supervisor, Academic Recommendation Letter from Previous Schools
  • Academic Certificates, and Academic Transcripts from Previous Degrees
  • Recommendation Letter from the potential research supervisor in one of the Universities providing partner of the KNB Scholarship (for Doctoral applicants only)
  • Statement of purpose of their studies in Indonesia (for Doctoral applicants only) on the website KNB Scholarship
  • Finish online registration.


  • Have the English Proficiency Test Score as follows: Valid score of TOEFL IPT, TOEFL IBT, IELTS (all scores must be obtained within the last 2 years).
  •  Participants whose nationality is non-Bangladeshi whose national languages are those of an English-speaking nation and participants from a local university who are enrolled.
  • English programs (as stated in the participant’s diploma/transcript) do not need to submit English proficiency documents by attaching official proof from their home university.
  • You can apply for the KNB scholarship at the Indonesian Embassy or the Indonesian Consulate General by giving a recommendation letter.
  • Obtain a reference letter from the employer/ supervisor (in the case of the applicant working) for the application of a KNB scholarship in Bahasa or English.
  • Please submit a former school recommendation letter in English/Malay.
  • Require Grade Transcript and Graduation Certificate in English or Bahasa.
  • The proof of citizenship is the Official Passport, which is still valid for more than two years. It must be sent again.
  • Complete the online application form.


The Indonesian Government scholarship KNB has a large range of advantages that make it a very compelling choice for those looking to further their studies in Indonesia. 

  • First, one of the significant privileges of the scholarship is the provision of full tuition fees. This lifts away the financial burden from the students, enabling them to concentrate on their learning and bettering their academic standards without having to think about the cost of education. 
  • Furthermore, the scholarship grants a monthly allowance, that allows one to bear the living costs like accommodation, food, and also transport. It guarantees that the students can easily settle down in their new environment and also allows them to wholly focus on their studies.
  •  Other than that is the scholarship award that also allows the students to have health insurance coverage, so that they can access the necessary medical services and also assistance.
  • Likewise, the recipient of the KNB Scholarship can participate in many cultural and academic activities that offer an amazing experience of Indonesian culture.

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Application Process

KNB Indonesian Government Scholarship candidates get hands-on experience thereby increasing their chances of getting employed after the end of the program. Having said that, the Indonesian Government Scholarship for International Students comes with plenty of perks that exceed the financial assistance such as personal and also professional development which makes it an attractive option for international students. Apply Here

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