Top 10 Best Scholarships in UAE for International Students 2024-25

Top 10 Best Scholarships in UAE for International Students 2024-25

Do you need to think about the United Arab Emirates? Some grants display remarkable chances for worldwide understudies to seek education in top-tier foundations within the UAE (United Arab Emirates). These grants cover numerous diverse disciplines of consideration, including STEM, the humanities, commerce, and more. They extend from completely supported programs to fractional grants. Beneficiaries can flourish in an energetic multicultural climate while getting top-notch instruction catered to their interface and proficient objectives with broad budgetary bolster and unmatched scholastic resources.

Almost all scholarly areas and majors are offered by UAE College beneath this graduate grant. It’ll cover all the costs to consider overseas. Here is a brilliant chance for all understudies from around the world to think about being free within the UAE with United Arab Emirates College Scholarships.

United Middle Eastern Emirates College (UAEU) was built in 1976 and is the primary and most seasoned research institute in the UAE. More than 16,000 national and international students from all over the world are now examining the college. The college is positioned at 329th within the world by QS World College Rankings.

Details of UAE Scholarships for International Students

Financial CoverageFully Funded

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Both Worldwide & Household understudies can apply for this Scholarship.
  • Candidates must hold a Lone Ranger of Science or identical from a recognized university.
  • Demonstrate English capability Certificate.
  • Research proposition (as it were for Ph.D. Candidates)
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) (optional).
  • Statement of purpose

Supporting Documents

  • A Certificate of English Dialect Proficiency
  • Official transcripts
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) (optional)
  • Statement of purpose.
  • Research proposition (for Ph.D. candidates only)


  • 100% Educational cost Expense waiver
  • Monthly stipend
  • Free Accommodation
  • Many other benefits
  • Transportation facility.
  • Health Insurance
  • faculty supervision

Top 10 Scholarships in UAE For International Students

MBZUAI Grants Within The UAE 2024 (Completely Funded):

The Mohamed container Zayed College of Counterfeit Insights (MBZUAI) gives fully-funded grants in artificial intelligence and related subjects to extraordinary abroad understudies. With the complete money-related help of this regarded program which covers lodging, educational costs, and a stipend, recipients can seek and encourage ponders at one of the best AI colleges in the world.

Fully Supported Abu Dhabi College Grants 2024-2025 Within The UAE:

Abu Dhabi College gives fully-funded grants for graduate and undergrad students in a range of subjects, counting commerce, designing, well-being sciences, and more, to understudies from abroad. With this all-inclusive grant bundle, which incorporates books, lodging, educational costs, and a month-to-month stipend, researchers can center totally on their scholarly endeavors without stressing approximately money.

American College In Dubai Grants 2024 (Completely Funded):

The American College in Dubai provides fully-funded grants for undergrad and graduate students in a extend of areas, including commerce, designing,  expressions, and design, to extraordinary overseas students. With the assistance of this grant, which pays for living costs, books, lodging, and educational costs, researchers can thrive in a flourishing scholarly community that’s well-known for its cutting-edge approach to teaching.

Masdar Established Grant 2024 Within The UAE:

This grant is for extraordinary abroad understudies seeking progressed degrees in the spaces of maintainable vitality, building, and innovation. This cooperation, which is completely upheld by the Masdar Organized of Science and Technology, pays for living costs such as lease, nourishment, wellbeing protections, and educational costs. The Masdar Founded Grant offers its recipients the chance to memorize in a state-of-the-art investigative setting, work with the best specialists on renewable vitality, and contribute to imaginative arrangements for squeezing worldwide maintainability issues.

Zayed College Undergrad Grants 2024-25:

Zayed College offers undergrad grants to remote students who appear to guarantee authority and scholastic accomplishment. These grants, which put an emphasis on empowering differing qualities and scholarly victory, subsidize tuition and other instructive costs, allowing worthy people to enlist in top-notch colleges within the United Arab Emirates.

American College Of Sharjah Grant 2024:

The American College of Sharjah gives grants to foreign understudies examining bachelor’s degrees in areas like business, building, design, and expression. These grants honor scholarly accomplishment and offer bolsters for living costs, educational costs, and other instructive costs, empowering understudies to prosper in an enthusiastic, different campus community.

Canadian College Of Dubai Grants For Worldwide Students:

The Canadian College of Dubai gives grants to assist outside understudies seeking after-graduate and undergrad degrees in a range of areas. These grants permit talented people to seek after their scholastic objectives in an inviting and inclusive learning environment. They may incorporate additional funding for living costs. Educational costs are secured by these scholarships.

Dubai College Of Tourism Scholarships:

The Dubai College of Tourism gives grants to applicant understudies who want to work within the energizing traveler division. Meriting candidates can apply for these scholarships to get monetary help for their enrollment in confirmation or degree programs in tourism management, neighborliness, occasions administration, and other related areas. This grant program bolsters the extension and maintainability of Dubai’s booming tourism industry by subsidizing the instruction and proficient headway of up-and-coming tourism executives.

ICT Fund’s BETHA program for UAE understudies 2024

ICT Fund’s BETHA program for UAE understudies 2024 could be a Halfway Financing universal grant advertised by the UAE Government for universal understudies. Understudies qualified for this grant are: Open to citizens of UAE This grant can be taken for seeking after in computer building, electronic building, computer science, data innovation, and numerous other disciplines. This grant can be taken at UAE and universal colleges within the United States, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other driving nations.

Khalifa College President’s Scholarship

An exceedingly competitive program at Khalifa College called the President”s Grant gives uncommon worldwide understudies the chance to seek undergrad and graduate instruction. The program points to making future pioneers who will back the UAE’s feasible development and economy.