Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship 2025

Oxford University Clarendon Scholarship 2025

Begin your considerable experience within the UK. Great news! Clarendon Grant is right now open. In this article, we’ll clarify in detail this grant, its application benefits, and step by step application process.

Clarendon is one of the biggest frameworks giving around 140 new grants each year at the College. Clarendon Grants are amazingly sought-after, competitive, and renowned.

High quality and smaller than in numerous countries, Oxford’s graduate classes encourage your rapid professional advancement. Our graduate investigation technique emphasizes your capacity to operate independently while being supported by a remarkable insightful society. Most scholastics of Clarendon are collaborating towards a DPhil (the title of Oxford for a PhD). Grants are also allowed for two-year (such as MPhil or BPhil) or one-year (such as MSc, MSt, MBA, or MFE) degrees.

Scholarship Details

InstitutionUniversity of Oxford
Degree LevelMasters, PhD
Program PeriodAccording to Course
DeadlinesDecember or January, 2025

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Scholarship Eligibility

  • Required Dialect: English
  • Eligible Nations: All world countries.
  • All candidates for graduate consideration at the College of Oxford are eligible.
  • All degree-bearing courses at the graduate level are eligible.
  • Postgraduate Certificates or Recognition courses are not qualified for this scholarship.
  • Clarendon bolsters researchers from all over the College, with no inclination for any specific subject area.
  • Candidates applying to begin a modern master’s or DPhil course at Oxford are qualified. This incorporates understudies who are as of now considering a master’s degree at Oxford but who will be re-applying for a DPhil (you’d be qualified for subsidizing for the DPhil).
  • Applicants who hold conceded offers to begin in 2024 are not qualified to be considered for this scholarship.
  • Current understudies who will proceed to think about the same degree at Oxford within the next year are not qualified for this scholarship.

Scholarship Coverage

Clarendon Grant gives the beneficiary the taking-after benefits:

  • Clarendon Grant 2025-2026 could be a completely financed grant for universal understudies at the College of Oxford. This grant is advertised for experts and PhD ponders. This grant covers full educational cost expenses, at least £15,009 annual grant for living costs.
  • All Clarendon Grants cover educational costs and college expenses in full.
  • Scholars on a full-time course get a generous yearly allowance for living costs which can be at the slightest £15,009 for 2025-26. Researchers on a part-time course will get a ponder bolster allowance, to help with non-fee costs. Researchers on a part-time course will get study support to help with non-fee costs. In 2025-26, part-time DPhil researchers ought to anticipate getting at least £2,502 and part-time Master’s researchers ought to anticipate at least £5,003.
  • The grants are ordinarily advertised for the total period for which you’re at risk of paying educational cost expenses to the College, which is ordinarily the same as the length of your course.

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How to Apply for the Clarendon Scholarship?

Please take  the following application informational to apply for the Clarendon Scholarship:

  • Apply by the pertinent January due date for your course to be considered for a Clarendon scholarship.
  • Your application to your course will be considered by the scholastics working in your proposed field of consideration. They will evaluate the scholarly quality and appropriateness of your application.
  • The division will make the ultimate choice on your graduate put and will inform you of the result. See the choice timeline for more details.
  • In parallel, scholastics inside your department will decide who to appoint to the division for a Clarendon grant based on the choice criteria.
  • They handle changes between the University’s scholarly divisions and the Office for Proceeding Instruction, but each meets in February or Walk to survey the departmental grant nominations.
  • The scholarly divisions evaluate the assignments on their scholastic justify and future potential and the best positioned departmental chosen people inside the division are shortlisted for Clarendon.
  • Once the waitlist is confirmed, the Clarendon Finance Director will contact effective candidates and will give the scholarship offer letter.
  • If you’re advertised (and acknowledge) a Clarendon grant, this implies your subsidizing is presently secure, as long as you meet the conditions of your offer of a put to consider at Oxford.
  • During April and May, Clarendon Organization Grants are coordinated with researchers depending on the grant prerequisites. No encouraging data is required of Clarendon offer holders.
  • Once each scholar’s one-of-a-kind financing bundle is affirmed, they will get the subsidizing breakdown letter laying out the subsidizing courses of action. Last college situations will moreover be affirmed nearby organization awards.
  • All fruitful Clarendon candidates will be reached using e-mail. The larger part of offers are sent out by early April of each year.
  • Due to the number of qualified candidates, unsuccessful students will not be reached. In case you have not heard from us by June, it would be ideal if you accept that tragically you have not been granted a Clarendon scholarship.
  • A few late nominations may take place during the summer period if designated understudies pull back, be that as it may typically be exceptionally rare.

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The deadline for the Clarendon Grant at Oxford College for universal understudies depends on the course program’s closing date, which falls between December 2024 and January 2025.

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