OPEC Fund Internship Program in Europe 2024

OPEC Fund Internship Program in Europe 2024

The OPEC Fund Internship program is unmatched in providing students with a unique experience that contributes to their educational journey and future career path. Be it students who come from a variety of academic backdrops and disciplines; it is ready to serve and cater to all. It serves as a practical handbook for graduates reflecting on the success stories of the previous candidates who have worked within the organization. The multinational students who will have this short-term internship will be next in line for the breakthrough in their careers.

Consequently, all people seeking that remarkable chance for an internship must have concerns and simply follow it without spending any second on it. Lastly, the dreamers, hard-working, good-wishers, and top performers academically are much welcome here to participate and contribute to the betterment of their experience in the city of Vienna.

Overview of the OPEC Fund Internship Program

The internship program abroad creates a solid platform for the participants to be exposed to the most important academic material that is related to achieving their goals and doing so in a pragmatic approach. These internships in Europe prepare the students to work with a foreign team as their workplaces will be in various places across the globe.

Likewise, the students will be able to realize OPEC Financial Institution’s agenda, values, and vision therefore; possible outputs will be designed and put into force to match these three components. The interns unite with the teams of different departments according to their interests and competence set. Furthermore, those bureaucratic departments that delegate the candidates to different sides are also determinants in identifying the specific departmental functions.

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  • Candidates should be from 19 to no more than 25 years of age. (Or) According to the requirements, applicants are 19 to 25 years old.
  • Qualified applicants must have a certificate from an indigenous community of ARGENTINIAN NATION, must be in an undergraduate or graduate program, and must have completed at least two years of education in their degree program, or be undergraduate students.
  • Students who are fresh grads and who have completed their degree, or those who are still a year away, can apply for the European internship as soon as the opportunity comes.
  • Being native in English. Knowing some other languages like French, Spanish or Arabic would add an advantage and would make me stand out.
  • The POS job requires computer literacy and expertise, specifically in MS Office as well as Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Candidates should demonstrate clear enthusiasm and willingness to action to be able to secure the position.
  • The candidates who bring the talent ensuring a good fit with the international and multicultural team and a respect for diversity will be the sought-after ones.
  • Candidates must show the four OPEC Fund pillars (Honesty, Accomplishment, Support, Breakthrough, and Equality).


  • Accumulate the priceless experience by being in a multicultural environment.
  • Students get the opportunity to learn about the OPEC Fund’s vision, mission, and core values. Students are highly encouraged to come along and utilize the occasion as a way of making themselves conversant with the various ideals of the OPEC Fund.
  • Chance to work on research and learn to be a special researcher.
  • A chance to grow, not only in being a better writer but also an individual who has a better opinion towards writing.
  • Through this way, the interns will find it simple to index all information and documents.


  • Application Form
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • The student should be able to provide a copy of his/her university diploma, equivalent, or a certified letter from a university indicating that the applicant is an undergraduate student.
  • An attested version of the latest university certificate that reveals the overall cumulative grade point average (CGPA) or equivalent.
  • Statement in English self-introduction in brief (150-250 words), on the basis you own.
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How to Apply?

If you want to apply for the internship program students should apply on the website of OPEC officially. The first thing to apply is through the official website of OPEC. You can choose your password and sign in. When you apply for this program make sure you have a good CV showcasing every skill. All you have to do is fill in all the required details and submit your application.