Fully Funded Bulgaria Scholarships without IELTS 2024

Fully Funded Bulgaria Scholarships without IELTS 2024

All Bulgarian Colleges and Colleges are right now conceding abroad understudies beneath the fully-funded Bulgaria Grants 2024 program, which covers a wide extent of degree programs.

An expansive number of understudies apply for higher instruction in European colleges each year. Each year, around 1000 outside understudies enlist in Bulgarian education, a number that’s expanding. Understudies are drawn to Bulgaria for an assortment of reasons, including cheap living costs, reasonable educational costs, competitive instruction, and negligible entrance criteria. In expansion, Bulgaria offers totally and incompletely financed grants, and we have recognized the leading grant-conceivable outcomes for students in Bulgaria in this post.

Bulgaria, on the other hand, could be a put of conceivable outcomes and inventiveness. After wrapping up their ponders and finding work, a huge number of youthful individuals have settled in Bulgaria. Since Bulgaria is the kind of country that grasps development, numerous people have been able to organize their start-ups there. As a result, we’ve compiled a comprehensive reference to consider in Bulgaria, as well as a list of the most prominent grants accessible to help you in financing your studies.

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List of Bulgaria Scholarships without IELTS 2024

In this post, we’ll talk about almost all the grants advertised by Bulgaria to universal understudies. These grants can be mostly financed or completely supported. Here’s the list:

Bulgarian Government Scholarships

The Bulgarian government gives budgetary help to EU/EEA citizens.

These grants are mostly financed and are for understudies who are capable in Bulgarian.

Tuition expenses in Bulgaria are among the lowest in Europe.

OppU Achievers Scholarships

Students with a CGPA of 3.5 or higher can apply.

The grant is worth $2,500 and covers educational costs and regulatory costs. OppU Achievers Scholarship

Varna Free College Scholarships

Varna Free College offers scholarships based on scholastic accomplishments and merit.

Full, Fractional Grant and month-to-month stipends are available.

Sports grants are moreover advertised for understudies inquisitive about sports. Verna College Scholarship

EESA Scholarships

Eastern European Consider Overseas (EESA) Grants permit understudies to ponder in Eastern European countries.

Scholarships extend from $100 to $7,500, depending on GPA and program duration.

Merit-based grants and extra motivating forces are accessible for composing articles approximately the experience.

American College Scholarships

Applicants who require a little budgetary back for their higher instruction at American colleges will get Need-based Scholarships.

The Gibson Dark Ocean Grant is indicated for understudies applying from Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, and Romania. This grant is worth up to $5,000 monthly.

The Pride Campaign Grant is worth $3,000 for understudies who are examining at an American college and are from Turkey, Georgia, and Romania.

Philhellene Grants for Greek citizens. The grant is esteemed at up to $2,000 for the primary year of the studies.

Yury Zabello Grants for Belarus citizens. As it were two fortunate understudies from the college entrance with fabulous ponderous records will get this grant worth up to $2,500.

USIT Grants worth $2,500 are for understudies applying from immature Asian nations or Eastern European countries.

Serdika Grants worth $2400 are accessible for crisply graduated understudies from the Amerian College in Bulgaria.

List of Colleges in Bulgaria without IELTS 2024

  • New Bulgarian University
  • Medical University-Verna
  • Technical College of Sofia
  • Angel Kanchev College of Ruse
  • Sofia College St.Kliment Ohridski

How to Apply to Bulgarian Colleges Without IELTS 2024

  • English-Speaking Foundation: If you’re from an English-speaking nation such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, IELTS isn’t a required requirement.
  • Completed Past Degree in English: Having completed both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees with English as the essential dialect exempts you from the IELTS necessity.