Czechia Work Visa Application Process 2024 – Complete Guide

When enlisting or extending your company’s operations to the Czech Republic, it is significant to guarantee that all workers have the essential work authorization. Utilizing people without legitimate authorization is illicit and can result in extreme punishments, such as fines, detainment, or a boycott on enlisting remote workers.

Before you begin with a contract within the Czech Republic or exchange a representative there, familiarize yourself with our comprehensive direct. It covers basic data, counting who requires a work visa, the work application preparation, and regularly inquired questions concerning work permits for workers within the Czech Republic.

Types of Czechia Work Licenses For Non-EU

First of all, it is exceptionally imperative to know the sorts of Work grants for work and their purpose:

Worker Card

A worker card is the foremost common sort of work allowed for non-Europeans. A Long-term Home Allow entitles holders to live and work within the Republic of Czechia for more than 90 days. The Worker Card is substantial for two years.

A worker card is issued for a particular Work. Opportunities accessible to outside nationals are shown in a Central Vacancies database.

EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is for profoundly gifted experts with a long time of working involvement. The EU Blue Card for non-Europeans has been substantial for a long time. It too comes under a Czechia Long-term Home Permit.

Intra-Company Exchange Card

An Intra-Company Exchange Card (ICT Card) may be a particular sort of long-term home permit issued within the Czech Republic who are being exchanged inside the same company to work within the Czech Republic.

Note: For Regular Business in Czechia, third-country nationals can apply for a Brief Remain (Schengen Visa) for up to 90 days or a long-term visa for more than 90 days.

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Required Documents for Visa Processing

  • A Substantial Travel Document
  • Accommodation details
  • Passport Measure Picture
  • Employment Contract and all details
  • Employment application form.
  • Visa application form.
  • Qualification Proof.

Czechia Work Visa Application Handle and Requirements

  • The primary step is to induce an offer letter from the Employer.
  • A manager will apply for the work permit for your sake or they will tell you the method of applying for a work permit.
  • You must contact the nearest Czech embassy in your country to book an arrangement for your visa application. There could be a list of all Czechia embassies.
  • Display all the archives amid your arrangement Date. Check this connection and tap on the sort of work permit you’re searching for to check the method and the list of the specified documents.
  • The Czech Service of Insides (MOI) audits your application and decides.
  • If your application is endorsed. You’ll get a Long Remain Home allowance, which permits you to travel to the Czech Republic to gather the Representative Card within three days of arrival.

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How long does it take to urge a work allowed within the Czech Republic?

Processing times within the Czech Republic depend on the sort of allowance. The run is from 15 days to 120 days. Be that as it may, the candidate ought to accept 90 days in most cases.

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