400 GCUB Scholarships for Students from OSC Member States

400 GCUB Scholarships for Students from OSC Member States

The Association of Southern Participation (OSC) is satisfied to declare 400 postgraduate Scholarship benefits to understudies from OSC Part States. This activity, created in collaboration with the Universal Participation Bunch of Brazilian Colleges (GCUB), adjusts with the OSC’s commitment to advancing universal scholarly versatility and South-South participation as an implication to breaking down boundaries, constructing bridges between distinctive societies and communities through instruction, and allow people the apparatuses to ended up operators of change.

Most anticipated Grant to Consider in South America. The applications are open to apply for the Gather of Brazilian Colleges (GCUB) Grant 2025. The GCUB Brazil Grant may be a program advertised by the 55 Bunch of Brazilian Colleges (GCUB). Worldwide understudies can apply for the Aces and PhD degree programs in any of the 55 Colleges in Brazil. Take part in one of the biggest universal grant programs. There’s no requirement for any acknowledgment letter not to contact any professor.

Details of GCUB Scholarships

Scholarships Provided byOSC Member States
Online Application PeriodMay 2 – June 17, 2024
Results AnnouncementSeptember 25, 2024
Program StartIn 2025
Financial Grant1500 US Dollars

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Why the Association of Southern Participation (OSC)?

The Association of Southern Participation (OSC) was set up on 29 January 2020 by Latin American, Caribbean, African, Asian, Central-Eastern, and Pacific Island nations at the Universal Summit on Adjusted and Comprehensive Instruction held in Djibouti.

As set out by its Constitutive Constitution, the reason for the OSC is to contribute to the evenhanded, fair, and affluent social change of social orders by promoting adjusted and comprehensive instruction, in arrange to achieve the elemental rights to freedom, equity, respect, maintainability, social cohesion, and fabric and insignificant security for the people groups of the world.

About Scholarships

  • Scholarships apply to a wide extent of Master’s and Doctoral programs at famous Brazilian universities.
  • Full points of interest will be accessible on the 2024 GCUB Call for Applications.
  • A connection to information on particular programs, confirmation prerequisites, and application methods will be given as soon as it becomes available.
  • Applicants can apply to up to five Master’s and Doctoral programs in completely different colleges utilizing one online GCUB application, at no cost.


  • Individuals are curious about seeking a Master’s or Doctoral degree in a Brazilian college connected to GCUB.
  • Individuals from any nation that has political relations with Brazil.
  • Brazilian citizens are not eligible.
  • 400 GCUB grant benefits have been assigned to candidates from OSC Establishing and Part States.
  • Applicants from OSC Establishing and Part States in crises are especially empowered to apply, as 100 grant benefits have been reserved for this purpose.
  • Applicants must be in great physical and mental health.

Required Archives to Upload

The candidates must transfer these records within the online application:

  • Copy of Visa or any other character document
  • CV
  • Copy of all past instructive certificates, recognitions, transcripts, and degrees.
  • Submit an exposition and take after the structure:
  • Font: Times Unused Roman
  • Size 12;
  • Line dispersing of 1.5 cm and edges (beat, foot, right, and cleared out) of 2.5 cm

Responsibilities of Chosen Candidates

  • Sign a grant acknowledgment contract.
  • Obtain a substantial understudy visa.
  • Purchase universal restorative insurance.
  • Follow Brazilian migration controls, scholarly benchmarks, and inside college regulations.
  • Demonstrate halfway capability in Portuguese sometime recently guarding their proposal or dissertation.
  • Return to the nation of beginning after completing their studies.

Application Elements

  • National ID.
  • Application submitted in Portuguese, English, Spanish, or French.
  • Diploma or certificate of completion from the past degree program.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Two expositions for each chosen course:
  • Essay expressing scholastic desires and interface, and career plans to return to the nation of beginning (max 1000 words).
  • Essay expressing the applicant’s proposed central subject and inquire about the issue to seek after amid the Master’s or Doctoral program (max 4000 words).

Note: Whereas Paper #2 serves as an assessment instrument, proposed investigative plans may be adjusted after enrollment within the program, depending on arrangement and feasibility.


  • The chosen candidates will be exempted from paying enrollment expenses, educational costs, or scholarly expenses at the college, related to the considered program for which they were chosen. Also, the universities will support month-to-month grants (stipends) and give access to classes, classrooms, libraries, research facilities, and other college services.
  • The grant covers all enrollment and scholastic expenses, and chosen candidates will get month-to-month stipends. Extra benefits incorporate free access to college offices and a commitment of up to USD 1,500 per understudy for airfare, visa handling, and worldwide therapeutic insurance.
  • For chosen candidates from OSC Establishing and Part States, OSC gives up to USD 1,500 per understudy for airfare, visa preparation, universal restorative protections, and other individual costs not secured by GCUB’s associated universities.

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Application Process

  • Submit an internet application with the specified archives by 17 June 2024.
  • Applications will be screened for completeness (Stage 1).
  • Shortlisted applications will be sent to chosen colleges for evaluation (Stage 2).
  • The final choice will be based on a point framework (Stage 3).
  • Selected candidates will be informed by 25 September 2024.